i am green


For the production of ice bags “I’m Green”, sustainable Braskem Polyethylene is used, which is produced from sugar cane. For the production of Polyethylene, Ethanol is used, which comes from sugar cane, in order to produce Ethylene which continually is turned into LDPE. LDPE, which is produced from sugar cane, has the same technical properties as LDPE which is produced from mineral sources, but also has the environmental benefits of a renewable source. Braskem Biopolymer is known by its trademark logo “I’m Green”. The new biological LDPE I’m Green, is equally inactive, durable and recyclable as Polyethylene, which is prepared from mineral sources.

The significant difference is that LDPE contributes to the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, during the cultivation of sugar cane. For this exact reason LDPE is considered a sustainable product.